Monday, May 4, 2009

Teacher Appreciation Week Gifts: Shower Them With Flowers

This week is
Teacher Appreciation Week.
Our elementary school is celebrating it's
hard-working teachers with events and gifts all week.

I always loved the sweet notes and drawings
my students would bring me.
Home-made anything
is always the best kind of gift.

I'm taking a page from my own playbook
this week and making home-made gifts
with the Frog Princess for her teachers.

First up,
May Day baskets of Paper Flowers.

Today, each child was asked to bring in a flower
for each of their teachers
resulting in lovely mixed bouquets
to brighten the classrooms all week.

Well, it's raining cats and dogs here
and my daffodils and tulips are done
so what's a crafty mama to do??
Make her own flowers of course!

I skipped over to my blogger idol,
Skip To My Lou
(check Cindy out - she's a craft rock star!)
and found templates for Lollipop Lillies,
Lollipop Butterflies,
and a cute paper May Day cone basket.
I made the flowers with pipecleaner stems instead,
and added some flowers cut from scraps
on my Sizzix.

The Frog Princess
added personalized notes
for each of her teachers...
(and lollipop butterflies)

We added colorful flower ribbon handles
and she was off to school
to present her first gift of the week
to her wonderful Kindergarten teachers.

Coming up next...
more special gifts for each day of the week.

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