Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Big Brother Gift

One of my closest friends had her second baby boy
two weeks ago.
The girls and I decided her firstborn,
needed his own big brother baby care set.

We picked up a boy baby doll
with two sets of boy clothes,
I can sew a straight line...
but I wasn't about to attempt making baby doll clothing.

Then, I personalized a craft store canvas bag with
a flannel monogram.
Inside the bag, we added:
two of those disappearing juice/milk bottles,
a food dish and spoon,
a home-made flannel baby doll-sized blanket,
and a small home-made felt baby shapes book
(so he can "read" to his baby).

We scored a red and gray doll stroller
at our neighborhood garage sale for $1 -- Woo-Hoo!
(The same sale where I scored the Cozy Coupe)
It had a ripped seat that I was able to mend
with some gray thread and less than ten minutes of hand sewing.

New baby flannel blanket, and matching
baby doll blanket for Big Brother "F"

I made a matching big flannel blanket/floor mat
for the new baby with the same fabric.

Both boys got books
because I'm a book junkie
my favorite gifts to give/receive are books.
Big Brother F got "Chicka Chicka Boom Boom"
and Baby Brother C got "On the Day You Were Born"

My girls checking out their
newest playmate.

Welcome to the world little man!

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