Friday, June 12, 2009

* DIY Felt and Fabric Tooth Fairy Pillow

We have incurred some big losses around our house recently...
Don't worry, they're all good.
The Frog Princess lost her first tooth over the weekend!

In anticipation of the big event,
I made these tooth fairy pillows
for the girls to hang on their bedroom door knobs.

Like a big, smooshy do not disturb sign,
but instead it's a big
"just leave money" sign.
So much easier than trying to hide things under
a sleeping child's pillow!

I made matching pillows for both girls even though
Mini-Saurus is about 4 years away from actually needing one!
I didn't want to have to re-make one down the road
and...she always wants whatever her big sister has!

She just lost the other one!!
This tooth fairy is going to be very busy this summer!

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