Thursday, June 25, 2009

Homemade Gift: Nature Explorer Set

The Frog Princess' friend, Andrew,
celebrated his 6th birthday this weekend.
We thought he needed a
Nature Explorer Set
to play with this summer!

We got him a Terracycle recycled wrapper backpack
and filled it with lots of home-made goodies:

We made him a personalized backyard field guide
with pictures and information
about local birds, butterflies, and leaves
in a simple three ring binder.

A nature journal to record his observations, outings, leaf rubbings, etc.

Two recycled plastic jars
(with small holes in the lids)
for collecting and observing bugs and critters
(I heard from his mom he caught and released fireflies in the big jar!)

A home-made
leaf and flower press

Make your own with
layers of newsprint and cardboard
fastened with rubber bands!

A small "collection" box for fossils (see below)
(original purpose - bead sorter from the craft store)

We also included two of our favorite Toys R' Us finds:
a set of Discovery Store Bug Marbles
and a Discovery Store Fossil Collection.

And finally...
one of my favorite re-purposed
frozen mini-quiche trays
for sorting rock collections, etc.

Why don't you
make a nature explorer set
for your own little explorer?

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