Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Kindergarten Rocks: Last Day of School Teacher Gifts

Two Tiny Pandas for Two Very Beloved Teachers...

Today is the Frog Princess' last day of Kindergarten.
Where has the year gone?
I feel like I just sat down to type my first post
for this blog
(on her first day of Kindergarten)

My sweet little Big girls waiting at the bus stop today...

We whipped up a couple of home made gifts
for her two classroom teachers and
her three(!) bus drivers
(one AM driver, a different PM driver, and an assistant)

Her school mascot is the Panda.
They have a special award called
a "Panda Paw" for doing good deeds.
So, she wanted to make
rock panda paper weights
holding mini panda paws
for each of her teachers.
She's so crafty!!
We saw them as a Martha Stewart craft once,

All we needed were:
some rocks from the backyard,
acrylic craft paint,
and we bit of super glue.

She also made these
"Rockin' School Bus"
(I Heart Them!)


Because I volunteered
in their classroom this year,
the teachers and students
made me this super cute
hand print bag.

Isn't it adorable!!
I'll have the cutest groceries
in the store, when I roll out
with this little bag in my cart!

Hooray for gifts made with love!
AND... wonderful, caring
bus drivers

We mommies wouldn't make it without you!!

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