Thursday, July 23, 2009

Art On The Go! Re-Use That Diaper Caddy

Now that potty training is in full swing in our house,
I needed to find a new purpose for my diaper changing basket.
What could be better than an art studio-to-go ?!

I re-used an empty kleenex box for the markers
and some clean yogurt containers for crayons and pencils.
I also stocked it with Crayola Twistables and colored pencils.

We added two clipboards, a file folder of leftover printer paper, and some rulers.

It has been great for impromptu drawing...
at the kitchen counter while I cook dinner,
playing school in the playroom,
morning worksheets at the kitchen table,
spontaneous coloring in the family room,
even a trip out on the deck for some al fresco art!!

Happy Creating!!

Update from 2013: I've gotten some emails asking about the basket featured in this post.
I purchased it years ago (back in 2006) from Pottery Barn Kids. 
It was called the "Sabrina" diaper Caddy with a liner 
and I think you can still get one from their website!
It is currently stationed on my sewing table in my art studio --
it holds sewing supplies next to my sewing machine. 

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