Sunday, July 5, 2009

Confessional Sunday: Five Questions Game

My dear friend from high school, Kathleen is a lovely blogger, mother, and writer.
Her blog Mamasalwayswrite is one of my favorite reads. It was even nominated as a 2009 favorite blog by Parent's Pick by Nickelodeon for Favorite blog in Portland, Maine. She's playing a fun little bloggy game called "5 questions"

B, over at Cuttings on a Blog, answered five questions from Sussanah (of Unravelling and Ink on my fingers fame), and offered to send five other questions to anyone who wanted to play. Kathleen at Mamasalwayswrite was next and sent me these questions.

Warning: This is a much longer post than I usually write so bear with me!!

Here are my five questions from Kathleen:

What was your first favorite book?

My favorite first book was

The Very Little Girl
by Phyllis Krasilovsky.
It is out of print now and has been for years.
We didn't own our own copy.
I would check it out from the library EVERY week
or re-new it as many times as they would allow.
I couldn't get enough of the sweet pink and green illustrations.
My poor mom must have read it to me a thousand times.

As an only child, I longed for a baby brother or sister of my own.
At first, the girl in the story is too little to do a lot of things
but eventually grows bigger and becomes
a big sister to her own very little baby brother.
My mom found a copy for me at a used book store
and gave it to me when I graduated from Sweet Briar.
I now read it to my own two little girls,
they love it as much as I did.

Someday, I hope to read it
to my own grandchildren.

Books, like music,
are such a fond part of my life and
memory making.
I can remember events from my own life
in connection with what books or music
I was enjoying at the same time.

What summer experience do you recreate every year?

We don't have one of those family traditions where we go the the same beach house or destination vacation every year. We tend to have "little things" that add up as our traditions.

Catching fireflies.

Sun tea.

Ice cream cones with sprinkles on the deck

(I always hide a marshmallow in the bottom of the cone
to catch drips and as a tasty treat when you're done!)


Playing in the sprinkler and wading pools.

Making hummingbird juice for the humming bird feeder.
My own little hummingbird girls love to steal sips
when I make a fresh batch.

Lots of time at the sand table.

Sipping cool drinks on the deck
in our favorite adirondak chairs
(sometimes with feet in the above mentioned wading pool)
Grillin' and chillin'


I grow veggies, usually just tomatoes and herbs.
This year I'm expanding my efforts with a "real" veggie garden.
Our mini home grown farm has:
tomatoes, strawberries, corn,
sweet potatoes, peppers,
yellow crooked neck squash,
cucumbers, pumpkins, pole beans,
watermelon, onions,
carrots, radishes, lettuce,
and my favorite herbs basil, dill, and cilantro (yum!)

What do you think your children will be when they grow up? Why?

I want them to be happy. I think they will both become mothers, good friends, and hopefully live close enough to me (but not with me) that I can play with them often.
I plan to make this happen by being the best mother that I can be to them so they will want to keep me around and hopefully not stick me in a nursing home too quickly!

I think the Frog Princess will pursue something creative or "artsy" because she is such a natural fountain of creativity. She loves medicine and science, I would not be surprised if she becomes a doctor (she says she would like to be a pediatric emergency room doctor.) I know she also really wants to become a mother and artist. Only time will tell.

As far as the Mini-Saurus goes it's harder to predict since she's only two and her little personality is just coming through as her language is sky-rocketing. I will say that she is the most polite child I have ever met. "Please" and "Thank You" were some of her earliest words. Maybe she'll become the new "Miss Manners" columnist.

When/why did you start writing your blog?

I started my blog on my oldest daughter's
first day of Kindergarten
this past September.
I needed a new project.
I wanted to share some of our little green projects, family stories,
and arts and crafts with other moms.
I didn't expect anyone
other than my own mom to actually read this!

You have a whole day to yourself. What do you do?

This felt like a bit of a trick question.

Are mommies allowed to confess their secret wishes out loud?
This is my fantasy scenario here, so bear with me.

My hubby and kids would ensconced somewhere else where I knew they were safe and happy and didn't need me so I could enjoy my day guilt-free.

Picture a quiet rainy day with the house all to myself. Not down-pour -- just drizzly -- It's my favorite weather since all of the greens are greener and the pavement, tree trunks, and stones look prettier wet.

I would wear jeans and a tank top and spend the morning sipping coffee on my deck under the canopy reading the paper. Then I would move into my art studio, have a big yummy salad for lunch, work on whatever projects I felt like. There would be an excellent mix of music on my ipod.

Ideally, by mid-afternoon a traveling flea market/garage sale filled with wonderful vintage linens and glassware would set up shop on my street so I could just walk over and browse and find some old (new to me) goodies. The dealers would find me to be so charming that they would want to give me everything at a greatly reduced cost.

I would also have an appointment for a facial that would be free of charge so as not to incur any
"budget guilt" on such indulgences.

Then my dear hubby would come home to snuggle up with me and watch a movie (a romantic comedy) We'd have wine and something yummy like pasta for dinner that I didn't have to make. The children would be sleeping over at grammy and grandpa's for the night. We would be able to enjoy some "grown-up time" without little ones in the house and (of course) he would have taken a massage class and would have a massage table set up for my evening rub-down. purrr....

The other fantasy scenario involves spending the
whole day with my family at home.
The kids would never bicker or talk back.
Meals would be simple and no one would complain about them.
We would all work on projects and
do something creative with our time.
We would spend lots of time reading books on my bed
all tangled up together.
We would all go to bed early.

I'm happy to send 5 questions to anyone else who wants to play too!

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