Saturday, July 18, 2009

Rainbow Sand

In keeping with our Rainbow theme,
the Frog Princess and I thought it would be fun
to try to make Rainbow Sand
in our (outdoor) sand table.

It seemed like a good idea at the time

I'll say this. We tried it.
The sand looked really cool for a few minutes.

I used liquid watercolor.

The problem with liquid watercolor
is that it turns back into liquid watercolor
and stains EVERYTHING
each time it touches water.

Look how pretty it was...before.

Then the colors started to bleed into each other,
they turned into a muddy blue gray color...

our hands turned a dark blue/purple/gray color.

the water turned a dark blue/purple/gray color.

the sand table turned a dark/purple/gray color.

I didn't take a photo of this.
I didn't want to stain my camera!!

We emptied the sand out, and put a fresh bag in the box.

Oh well. At least we tried it, and learned something new.
So much for ARTsy sand.

Maybe We'll Just Stick to Moon Sand when we want color!!

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