Saturday, August 29, 2009

Baby Pajamas Shadow Box

(I fuzzed out names for privacy - sorry if it makes the photos blurry!)

Today's post isn't really an art project
that you do with your children.

It's more of a sentimental project for mom
that your kids will appreciate.

Both of my daughters came home from the hospital
in these tiny pajamas and hats.

I have memory boxes for each of them
with my journals that I kept during my 2 pregnancies,
hospital bracelets,
first hand/foot print impressions,
a newspaper from the day they were born,
and a few magazines from that week
(to look back on later)

The pajamas didn't fit very well in the boxes
but I didn't want to just put them in the box of
baby clothes either.

I wanted to find a way
to honor that special day -
the start of our family
to celebrate their tiny selves.

I decided to frame their coming home
ensembles in these shadow box frames
from the craft store.

I replaced the back of the frames with a piece
of acid-free foam core and covered
each piece with art paper.

Then I used small map pins
to attach the newborn pajamas, socks, and hats
to the backgrounds.

They hang in our stairwell,
outside the girls' bedroom doors.

I pass them daily,
and give thanks
for my two sweet girls.

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Kid's Craft: Mosaic Brick Doorstop

The Frog Princess made this cool
Mosaic Brick Doorstop
at art camp.

They smashed old pottery
in brown bags with hammers.
Then I think they used
thin-set tile mortar
to adhere the broken pottery
and buttons to a brick.

I wish they used a bit more mortar
to cover the sharp/jagged edges.

But I will admit,
it's super artsy
and I really like it.

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Make Your Own Play Typewriter

The Frog Princess really likes
"old-fashioned typewriters"
(as she calls them)
She saw one at an Estate Sale and it was
love at first sight.

When she spotted this box
the other day, she knew immediately
what she wanted to make out of it.

She asked me to cut her a slit in the lid,
then she took off with a sharpie and
did the rest on her own.

When I checked on her she was
working away,
above you'll see her finished project.

It's now on her desk.

I think she did a great job.

I love it when kids come up with
creative projects all on their own.

Monday, August 24, 2009

Just Add Water: Cornstarch Packing Peanut Art

Did you know you can make sculptures with water
and cornstarch packing peanuts?!
Mini-Saurus received these great Rainbocornstarch packing peanuts
 from her summer swap buddy.

Her crafty mama even included this super cute note
reminding us to add a bit of water and play with them.

We do follow instructions around here.

During Mini-Saurus' nap, the Frog Princess and I couldn't help ourselves.
(when she woke up, we let her play too!)

We had a small can of water, a couple of soft watercolor brushes
and a lot of fun making rainbow sculptures.

Saturday, August 22, 2009

Kid's Craft: Garden Trellis Bling

Do you remember when I
our window grills into
garden trellises
earlier this summer?

Do you remember when I said I would like them
better with some bling?

The Mini-Saurus (age 2.5) and I made these
little charms
with elastic thread,
beads, and some old chandelier crystals.

It was a fun and simple craft
that she could do,
stringing beads onto the thread.

Great for her fine motor skills
and a huge self-esteem boost.

She loves to point them out
and announce that she made them.

Friday, August 21, 2009

Make Your Own Flower Lamp

I think I was a bird in my last life.
There is no place I would rather be
than in my own little house and yard.

I'm always fluffing my nest.
Rearranging furniture,
making something more "me"

So, it wasn't a big surprise when my
nesting instinct
went into overdrive
when I was pregnant with
the Frog Princess.

One of my favorite nursery projects I made was this
flower lamp for her room.
It was a completely OCD project
(right up my alley!)
and I don't have photos to document
the steps since it was created in
my pre-bloggy days.

I bought white geranium silk flowers
and plucked off each bud,
then "glue-gunned"
(yes it's another one of my artsy-mama verbs)
them onto a white lampshade.
The lamp and shade came in a kit from Target.

I added the lavender flowers as a bit of contrast
alternating with the white flowers
at the top and bottom of the shade
for a bit of color and contrast.

I look at this lamp
and remember
sitting my ginormous pregnant self
on the kitchen stool
at the counter,
glue gun in hand
methodically gluing each flower bud
to the shade
in straight little rows.

I still think of that afternoon,
when I look at her lamp
as I tuck her into bed each night.

It was very meditative.
I let my mind wander about who this
little girl growing inside me would be.

Would she be artsy?

Would she have brown hair and blue eyes?
and yes.

Would her name be a good fit?

Would I love her with all of my heart?

If I had another baby would I love it just as much?

Would becoming a mother change my life forever?

Would I have it any other way?

Thursday, August 20, 2009

* Is There A Fairy In the House ? Kid's Garden Fairy House

The Frog Princess and I spent Mini-Saurus' nap on Saturday
painting this Fairy House for our backyard.
We picked up the plain wood house
at Michaels and used my 40% off coupon - woo hoo!

I probably should have gotten all crafty and built one from scratch
but why reinvent the wheel!

We painted it with watercolors and sealed it with clear shellac spray paint
from our garage stash.

Since we're in the process of installing a hanging clothes drying line,
we decided the fairies would line dry their flower clothes as well.

We used teeny-tiny clothespins to hang up silk flower "clothes"
on their rainbow clothes line.

Now we keep checking for fairy evidence.

For our next yard craft we want to make some fairy doors
like the ones Nikki made at WhiMSy love
(Check out her WhiMSical Fairy Doors here!) to sprinkle around the yard.

Check out The Crafty Crow for more cool Fairy Crafts!

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Newest Member of Our Family: Tiny The Snail

The Frog Princess has a thing for snails.
They hold a special place in her heart.

After spending time
with our THREE pet snails
(two aquatic snails,
one golden, one black
in our fish tank)

and now...
our backyard snail named Tiny,
I have to admit I really like them too!

The girls stayed at Grammy and Grandpa's house
last weekend while the hubby and I celebrated
our 11th Wedding Anniversary
(by installing two SolaTubes -
yes we're green home improvement nerds)

The Frog Princess was playing
in the backyard
and found Tiny hanging out in the garden.

She has been begging me
for a land snail.

The Frog Princess and her Grammy
did some research online
and found a website from a teacher
who keeps snails in her classroom.
(If I can find her site again, I'll add a link.)

She had lots of good advice like
use a plastic shoe box instead of cardboard
(because the snails can eat through the paper and escape)

They eat lettuce, Hosta Leaves,
cornmeal mixed with oatmeal...

They need a calcium source to build up their shells,
I have some in a jar from the pet store
but you can use ground up egg shells
or ground up snail shells (yikes!! a bit cannibalistic)

She also said to use pantyhose
(I knew my bag of hose I've been saving to recycle would come in handy)
or mesh as the lid for ventilation.

It needs to be moist but
not TOO humid.
Tiny the snail likes to climb the ceiling.
The slime trails he leaves are really cool.

We use a mister to mist his tank with water
to keep the moss moist and refill his water dish
(a repurposed plastic bottle cap)


Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Family Fun Magazine - Our Five Minutes of Fame

Check it out,
we're semi-famous!

is one of my ALL TIME favorite magazines
(and no, they are not paying me to say that)
I tell all of my new mommy friends to get a subscription.
It's a parental lifesaver.

I had a subscription before I was even a mom.

If you've read my blog for a while
you know I have a magazine fetish
You've seen my magazine binder system.

Well, as you can imagine,
I've clipped a ton of ideas over the years

(Family Fun articles are in my:
Birthday Parties Ideas binder,
my Kid's Recipes binder,
ALL of my Seasonal Craft binders,
you get the idea...)

Well, my little blog is highlighted
in the Mailbox section this month
along with an adorable photo of the Frog Princess
and our
from earlier this summer.

Grab a copy for yourself.

I love the recycled T-Shirt bag craft (pg. 26),
the Color Wheel Garland (pg. 20),
the eco-friendly reusable snack containers
out of drink cartons (pg. 66),
and making doodles on Bagels/Bananas (pg.66)
with Wilton Food Writers -- Genius!!

Home-Made Yoga Mat Strap

The Frog Princess took some
Yoga lessons this summer.

She was struggling with her bulky mat.
It's a handful for a six year old.

I noticed that some of the other children
had nifty straps that hold their mats
(or special yoga bags)

Crafty mama that I am...
I thought, "well I can just make her one."

Here it is.
My home-made Yoga Mat Strap

I even added 2 of my felt flowers
(because I can't just leave it alone)

I think I should have actually measured her
and made the strap a bit shorter --
she doesn't seem to mind.
And her friends thought it was pretty groovy too!

The yoga Frog Princess and her yoga mat.

Monday, August 17, 2009

Kid's Craft: Decoupage Stamp Box

My sweet little Frog Princess
made this beautiful little box
at Art Camp.

I love it.

She used a brown paper box
from the craft store as a base,
then she "modge-podged"
(yes it's a real verb for us crafty mamas)
postage stamps on it.

I love her theme.

She says it's "all about the Earth and Nature"
A perfect little treasure box
for her tiny nature treasures.

Sunday, August 16, 2009

Kid's Craft: Painted Sea Shells

She Paints Sea Shells by the Sea Shore... or... just in the art studio.
But if we were at the beach, we would paint them there too!

Mini-Saurus "C" and I were sorting her sea shell collection today
and she thought they were a bit boring. So many white shells, so little personality.
I asked her if she wanted to pick out some of them to paint.

"Yes!" was the resounding answer.

We used watercolor and our sparkly dot paints from our summer swap friend.

It was great to have a simple art project that Mini-Saurus "C" (age 2.5) could do on her own.

I think they're fabulous!
Time to find a pretty bowl or basket  so we can display them on the coffee table. 

Pink and Green Mama,

Friday, August 14, 2009

Daddy Camp: Kid-Friendly Cement Stepping Stones for Your Yard

The last project from Daddy Camp was a huge hit.
The girls made custom garden stepping stones for our garden.

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Daddy Camp: Re-Cycled Crayons Using Solar Energy

Our Final Product...
Kind of like cookies with chunky morsels
but waxy...
and not as tasty!

You know from reading this blog that we're a
"greenie family".
We've made re-cycled crayons in the oven.
So why not harness the power of the sun,
save some electricity,
and melt crayons the old fashioned way.

During Daddy Camp,
Daddy and the girls tried tested this theory
by breaking up crayons,
placing them in metal cookie cutters
on a tin foil covered plate.

At first, the sun wouldn't cooperate
and was hiding out behind some clouds.
Eventually the sun
came out to play
and the girls got to see
the results of their hard work.

Unfortunately, the results were mixed.
The wax did not stay inside the cookie cutter molds,
it leaked out into puddles.

They were much thinner
and more delicate than our
previous batch of re-cycled crayons.

Once we set them to cool overnight
in the garage, (you could speed up the process in the fridge)
the puddle blobs snapped right off and we had clean
crisp edges from the cookie cutters.
We saved them for our
next batch of re-cycled crayons.

The tops stayed chunkier than we would have liked
but the bottoms (where they touched the plate)
were smooth.

I like the way the oven crayons looked better
but... I did those in a Wilton heart mini pan.

I want to repeat this experiment
with candy molds or one of our ice cube trays.

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Daddy Camp: Make Your Own Gummy Candy

Last Week my sweet hubby
took the whole week off
to spend time at home with our family.
It was so much fun!
It's a bit too quiet around here today
with him back to the office.

I've been wanting to re-paint the girls' bathroom.
My sweet hubby announced they would
spend a day doing
It was perfect, I could get my work done without "help"
and he could play with his favorite little girlies.
(he even took photos per my request
so I could post it on my blog!)

Their first activity was
making homemade Gummy Candy.
We found this fantastic idea over at

Gummy worms and gummy bears are
very popular
with the shorter members of our family.

First they gathered their supplies:
Knox Gelatin,
Sugar Free Cherry Jello
Measuring Cups,
and my ice cube molds from Ikea.

Here's a recipe/directions you can use

Cherry Jello smells good!

Daddy did the pouring since it was hot!

After they set-up and cooled in the fridge
we had a stash of new yummy gummies!

We've got what's left of them stored in
an air tight container in the fridge.


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