Thursday, August 13, 2009

Daddy Camp: Re-Cycled Crayons Using Solar Energy

Our Final Product...
Kind of like cookies with chunky morsels
but waxy...
and not as tasty!

You know from reading this blog that we're a
"greenie family".
We've made re-cycled crayons in the oven.
So why not harness the power of the sun,
save some electricity,
and melt crayons the old fashioned way.

During Daddy Camp,
Daddy and the girls tried tested this theory
by breaking up crayons,
placing them in metal cookie cutters
on a tin foil covered plate.

At first, the sun wouldn't cooperate
and was hiding out behind some clouds.
Eventually the sun
came out to play
and the girls got to see
the results of their hard work.

Unfortunately, the results were mixed.
The wax did not stay inside the cookie cutter molds,
it leaked out into puddles.

They were much thinner
and more delicate than our
previous batch of re-cycled crayons.

Once we set them to cool overnight
in the garage, (you could speed up the process in the fridge)
the puddle blobs snapped right off and we had clean
crisp edges from the cookie cutters.
We saved them for our
next batch of re-cycled crayons.

The tops stayed chunkier than we would have liked
but the bottoms (where they touched the plate)
were smooth.

I like the way the oven crayons looked better
but... I did those in a Wilton heart mini pan.

I want to repeat this experiment
with candy molds or one of our ice cube trays.

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