Sunday, August 9, 2009

Gardening With Kids - Sweet Potato Vine

Earlier this summer we visited our farmer's market
and stocked up on yummy local food.
Part of our haul that day was a basket of sweet potatoes.
We ate MOST of them.

Steamed (like a baked potato - but yummier and orange!)
in the microwave.

Sliced and tossed with olive oil
in the oven to make sweet potato fries.

We even grilled some one night on the grill in the backyard.

But alas....two of the sweet potatoes
were forgotten
on the kitchen counter.

They languished in a corner behind
watercolor paintings,
and my daughter's lunch box
until one day...

I was actually cleaning the kitchen
(I know!)
and found our lonesome potatoes.

They were getting tiny purple buds.

I wondered if you could just put them in water
like you do with a bulb
and get them to grow into a plant.

A-Ha -- A Science and Gardening project for the girls!
(read: Mom's slacker house-keeping
leads to educational experiences)
Woo- hoo!!
Sorry compost, you don't get my
sweet potatoes that easily!!

We inserted some tooth picks into
our two sweet spuds,
suspended them in glasses of water on the kitchen counter
(near the Aero-Garden and sink window
to get some light...)
low and behold -- they actually grew into plants.

The girls thought it was the
coolest thing ever!
We have transplanted them to our garden and
they are going

I think we may even be able to dig them
up later and get more sweet potatoes.

Now that is cool!
Recycling at it's finest.

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