Friday, August 21, 2009

Make Your Own Flower Lamp

I think I was a bird in my last life.
There is no place I would rather be
than in my own little house and yard.

I'm always fluffing my nest.
Rearranging furniture,
making something more "me"

So, it wasn't a big surprise when my
nesting instinct
went into overdrive
when I was pregnant with
the Frog Princess.

One of my favorite nursery projects I made was this
flower lamp for her room.
It was a completely OCD project
(right up my alley!)
and I don't have photos to document
the steps since it was created in
my pre-bloggy days.

I bought white geranium silk flowers
and plucked off each bud,
then "glue-gunned"
(yes it's another one of my artsy-mama verbs)
them onto a white lampshade.
The lamp and shade came in a kit from Target.

I added the lavender flowers as a bit of contrast
alternating with the white flowers
at the top and bottom of the shade
for a bit of color and contrast.

I look at this lamp
and remember
sitting my ginormous pregnant self
on the kitchen stool
at the counter,
glue gun in hand
methodically gluing each flower bud
to the shade
in straight little rows.

I still think of that afternoon,
when I look at her lamp
as I tuck her into bed each night.

It was very meditative.
I let my mind wander about who this
little girl growing inside me would be.

Would she be artsy?

Would she have brown hair and blue eyes?
and yes.

Would her name be a good fit?

Would I love her with all of my heart?

If I had another baby would I love it just as much?

Would becoming a mother change my life forever?

Would I have it any other way?

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