Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Newest Member of Our Family: Tiny The Snail

The Frog Princess has a thing for snails.
They hold a special place in her heart.

After spending time
with our THREE pet snails
(two aquatic snails,
one golden, one black
in our fish tank)

and now...
our backyard snail named Tiny,
I have to admit I really like them too!

The girls stayed at Grammy and Grandpa's house
last weekend while the hubby and I celebrated
our 11th Wedding Anniversary
(by installing two SolaTubes -
yes we're green home improvement nerds)

The Frog Princess was playing
in the backyard
and found Tiny hanging out in the garden.

She has been begging me
for a land snail.

The Frog Princess and her Grammy
did some research online
and found a website from a teacher
who keeps snails in her classroom.
(If I can find her site again, I'll add a link.)

She had lots of good advice like
use a plastic shoe box instead of cardboard
(because the snails can eat through the paper and escape)

They eat lettuce, Hosta Leaves,
cornmeal mixed with oatmeal...

They need a calcium source to build up their shells,
I have some in a jar from the pet store
but you can use ground up egg shells
or ground up snail shells (yikes!! a bit cannibalistic)

She also said to use pantyhose
(I knew my bag of hose I've been saving to recycle would come in handy)
or mesh as the lid for ventilation.

It needs to be moist but
not TOO humid.
Tiny the snail likes to climb the ceiling.
The slime trails he leaves are really cool.

We use a mister to mist his tank with water
to keep the moss moist and refill his water dish
(a repurposed plastic bottle cap)


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