Friday, August 7, 2009

* Preschool At Home: Number Games You Can Count On

We've been making up our own
little "counting games"
around here.

I love the way you can count
and sort any collection with your kids.
It keeps them busy,
gets their little brains going,
and reinforces those math skills during summer vacation.

This re-purposed egg carton
has been perfect for counting and sorting
mini-sea shells, buttons, etc.
It is Styrofoam so I couldn't recycle it...
(I've been saving my cardboard cartons for all kinds of fun projects!)

We've been sorting and counting:
toy insects,
frogs (plastic not real)
barbie shoes,
glass marbles,
pine cones,
smarties (candy - we call it "Smarty Math"),
and jelly beans
to name a few....

I printed out these great counting 1-10
flash cards from Playful Learning
Here's a link to the counting cards!
(She used sea shells with her 3 year old)

I printed mine on lavender card stock
and set them on a tray with a bowl
of glass "rocks" from the dollar store.

Counting to ten is exhausting when you're only 2 and a half!
Mini-Saurus "C" can't actually count all the way to 10
by herself yet but she repeats back the names
of the numbers as we say them together
and she "gets" how to line up the glass stones
on the dots of the flash cards.

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