Tuesday, September 8, 2009

First Day of First Grade- Backpacks and Snack Boxes Oh My!

The Frog Princess is
off to school
for her first day
of First Grade today.

I did a little
bit of crafting
yesterday to prep for the big day.

In first grade, they eat a snack and lunch
so she needed an extra box or bag for snack.

Well, here was my brain storm
I came up with in the shower yesterday:

Here is the front of the snack box
I painted for the Frog Princess.

Froggy (her lovey),
Goldie Snail,
and Tiny the Snail are all on here...

Side view.

There is a fairy, lady bug,
and daddy mermaid.

The back of the snack box.

Portrait of our family as mermaids
(daddy mermaid is hiding on the left side)

The other side...

with E-snail, Froggy,
and a pink sprinkle cupcake!

Here's her backpack with
felt flowers and a snail
added by her crafty mama
(who just can't leave anything alone!)

Here's her froggy I added to her strap.

This is the snail shrinky dink
(portrait of Tiny the Snail)
made by the Frog Princess
(she can't leave anything alone either!)

Special snail necklace.

A gift from Grammy
for the First Day of First Grade.

Waiting at the bus stop!

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