Saturday, October 17, 2009

Preschool At Home: Practice With Scissors

The Mini-Saurus is 32 months old now
and showing an interest in a lot of
"big girl"
fine motor skills work.

She just wants to do whatever her big sister is up to.

So, we've been having our own
mini preschool lessons at home in the mornings
after her sister climbs on that big yellow bus.

One of her favorite lessons right now
is our practicing with scissors.

I set up a bucket with strips of paper scraps
and two pairs of children's scissors.

Obviously this is something we
only do together,
I would never let a child this age use scissors without supervision!
(I still supervise my husband with scissors)

I model how to properly hold the scissors
with her thumb on top.
(like you're going to shake someone's hand)

How to hold the strip of paper
and keep your fingers away from the scissor blades.

And of course,
how to carry scissors the safe way
by holding the blades in your fist.

You can also start
scissor work with
preschoolers using play-doh
and plastic play scissors.

She's doing very well,
and LOVES her new
big girl scissor skills.

I'm savoring my mornings at home
with my little cutie-pie
before the big yellow bus gobbles her up!

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