Monday, October 26, 2009

Science At Home: Anti-Gravity Brooms

(My sweet Frog Princess model is in her PJs
since she's battling Swine Flu this weekend)

My in-laws called this weekend to let us know
you can stand up a broom
in your house right now
because there is something wacky
with the Earth's gravity.
(they've had one standing in their kitchen for a week!
can you tell they don't have small kids around anymore?)

I don't know how long this phenomenon will last,
or what is causing it...

On the day of the equinox, the Day Arc of the sun is 0 degrees.
The exact date and time of the September equinox is September 22, 2009 at 21:18, or 9:18 pm.
While no exact date is available for the end of the Autumn Equinox,
the effects of the equinox can still be enjoyed now.
(article from the St. Louis Parenting Teens Examiner)

it is TOO COOL for School!

Perfect for (mini) witches and warlocks out there!

Or just freak out your kids/spouse
and tell them you've learned
a new magic trick.

Hey teachers... this might be
fun to try at school this week!!

Pink and Green Mama Note:
hmmm... I'm not sure why I'm getting so many
comments about folks who can't get it to work.
It's easier with a straight broom than an angled one.
No, I don't think you can use a push broom.
No, it's not a prank.
I posted this on Facebook Yesterday and got a dozen
responses from people who could get it to work,
one friend had to use her kid's broom instead but
DID get it to work.

Use a light touch,
and be patient.
No breezes, make sure your windows are closed.

Please let me know if you DO get it to work.

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