Sunday, November 1, 2009

Halloween 2009 Round-Up: Harry Potter, Flying Ballerinas, and Snails

Well, it rained last night... but at least it was warm,
(the warmest halloween I can remember)

It was slightly drizzly for the first half of trick-or-treating down-poured.
At least the girls were cute!

Mini-Saurus the
"Pink Flying Ballerina"
(her costume idea)

The Frog Princess as
Hermione Granger
she kept her candy in her spell book!

A pretty good match if you ask me!

My cute girls, healthy (at last) and ready to get some candy from our kind neighbors!

One of our pumpkins.

The rest of our pumpkin patch!
The snail pumpkin on the left was our only
successfully home-grown pumpkin this year (he was our sole pumpkin survivor)

The pumpkin on the far right is the Frog Princess' pumpkin,
he's Harry Potter and wearing pipe cleaner glasses.

The tiny pumpkin is Mini-Saurus' collaborative pumpkin
she picked him out, scooped him, and told daddy what to carve and where.

We met up with some really great friends,
reconnected with neighbors, enjoyed the decorations, and enjoyed watching the girls have fun.

It was the first year Mini-Saurus could really enjoy and understand
trick-or-treating and she was a trooper hauling her own bag all night.
We had a great time.

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