Thursday, November 19, 2009

Kid's Art: Marble Painting

The girls asked if we could
paint with marbles.

So, we borrowed a handful of marbles
dipped them in plates of paint
we had out from this project
(and this project)

Put some scraps of paper inside
two box lids (one for each kid)
and went to work
tipping and rolling.

They created some very abstract
Jackson Pollock-style artwork!

I love a project they can do independently
and have a successful outcome.

Marble painting is wonderful this time of year
for making home-made cards,
gift tags,
gift wrap
(if you used a really big box...
or you were brave enough to let them
roll painted marbles in the tub on big paper)

Of course, the Mini-Saurus
just wanted to paint
after she was done with her marbles,
so why not...

She had a blast mixing colors
on pieces of paper inside
her little box lid
(it's actually a handy way to contain the mess!)

Note: See my handy baby wipes
for cleaning messy little fingers

(and feet, floors, arms, tables, etc.)

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