Monday, November 23, 2009

Play Time: Farm In Our Playroom

When the girls were stuck inside
with the swine flu a few weeks ago,
we had to get creative and come up with some
new quiet games to play.

With cold weather and long afternoons ahead,
I thought this might be fun for some of your households as well.

We decided to build a farm.
First we collected all of our barns,
barnyard critters, fences, and trucks/tractors
from the playroom menagerie.

I put a big piece of green felt from my art studio
on the floor and added some smaller squares of brown and tan.

We cut a duck pond out of some blue felt
and lined it with pebbles
from one of our sensory boxes.

We planted some acorns
and plastic greenery as our crops.

The Frog Princess helped her Polly Pocket
deliver this baby sheep.

I'm hoping to make some wooden pumpkins soon
(and perhaps a few hay bails) to add to our crops.

The girls and I played for hours (for several afternoons) with the farm.

I packed up all of the supplies in one box
so we can set it up again easily.

Daisy the cat guarding our farm.

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