Sunday, December 13, 2009

Homemade Christmas: Glue Snowman Ornament

Let me start out by explaining
that Mini-Saurus'
favorite color is Pink.

She also
LOVES glue.

This craft project resulted from
some un-supervised craft time
(I was unloading the dishwasher)
while the Mini-Saurus was "working"
in the art studio in our kid's art corner.

She got a piece of pink paper,
and was supposed to be gluing
some scraps of paper, tissue, etc. as a collage.

I guess she unscrewed the glue bottle lid
and poured two-thirds
of the contents
onto her paper.

Then, she carefully replaced the cap
and proudly came to get me
and showed me her giant glue puddle.

She called it a snowman.
She was right, it did look like a snowman.

I didn't want to burst her bubble
so I said, "let's add some buttons
and we can hang it on the
Christmas tree when it's all dry!"

So, she added buttons
and I cut out a mini orange foam nose.

After many days of drying....
we ended up with this
adorable little guy.

I just cut him out and the pink paper
adds a nice splash of color!
I think a bunch of these guys
in Rainbow colors
would be adorable
(especially on a preschool tree!)

This is a classic craft
that is usually done on waxed paper

I smile every time I see our
little pink snowman
on the tree.

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