Saturday, December 5, 2009

Homemade Christmas: Tomato Cage Christmas Tree

If your front yard doesn't have trees,
just make some!

Our front stoop was lacking
Christmas bling...
so I made a tree
out of two (upside down)
Tomato Cages
(from my gardening shed)
two lengths of 9 foot garland
(from my attic)
some plastic Ornaments
and a string of what we refer to as
"Charlie Brown"
Christmas Lights

I secured the garland
by wrapping the "branches"
(they are wired)
to each other and the cage.

I used bits of
brown florist wire
to tie the ornaments onto the tree.

I did not add branches,
that's just the garland poking out!

I used some wire stakes
(just cut a wire hanger and bend it into an
upside down "V")
to secure the "tree"
in my pot.

Note: I started with one Tomato cage
and got all of the garland wrapped around it
then, realized it was too heavy
so I just added a second cage underneath.

This would be beautiful with
'real' garland, pine cones
and cranberries!

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