Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Re-cycled Christmas Wrapping Paper Fashion Show!

Some of you Super Greenies
out there won't have any
paper gift wrap
this holiday season...

this post is
for the rest of us.

"Shades of Red and Peppermint Ball Gown"

Those of us who are recipients from
generous grandparents.

Those of us who have children
attending public schools
with a major annual
gift wrap sales fundraiser
(clogging our closets and under bed boxes with
rolls of fun two-sided prints)

WE will have
a bit of paper leftover on
Christmas morning.

Before you haul it off to the
recycling bin,

Give your kids some tape
and staplers.

Get your camera ready.

Crank up the
Wookies and Cats Meowing Jingle Bells

have yourself a
Merry Little
Fashion Show!

"Chickadee Print Mermaid-Style Gown"

Moms, dads, and grandparents
are welcome participants!

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