Monday, January 18, 2010

Art History: Gorgeous Watercolor Georgia O'Keeffe Flowers

I visited the Frog Princess'
First Grade Classroom
on Friday afternoon
for our monthly
Art in the Schools

We looked at the work of
Georgia O'Keeffe.

(the frog princess and her classmates hard at work)

We focused on
O'Keeffe's paintings
of flowers.

A little splash of color on a
dreary January afternoon.

I asked the students to sketch
a flower in pencil on their papers
(a piece of card stock)
and to try to touch all four sides of the paper.

We used our imaginations
to see flowers
from the perspective
(or view point)
of a bee...
(or...a butterfly, ladybug, wasp, etc.)


They traced over their pencil drawings
with permanent markers.

Then, we got out the watercolors
and got to work adding
bright, beautiful colors.

I love how this student transformed an
accidental splatter
intentional splatters.

I showed him how to
tap the brush
gently on his finger
to control the splatters.

My mantra:
There are no mistakes in art
only opportunities for new ideas!

The students really
got into their work
and did a fantastic job!

I love the stained glass effect
of the bold black sharpie lines
with the watercolor!

So happy!

I loved getting back into the classroom
and teaching art again.

Our masterpieces lined up
in the hallway to dry!

Happy Painting!

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