Saturday, January 9, 2010

How To Make A Play Felt Igloo

If you ever need to make a play felt igloo, here you go.

Easy, peasy directions.

NOTE: Sorry the photos are so dark,
I was sewing in my studio on a gray and snowy day.

I based my design on a basic hat pattern,
so if you need to wear your igloo as a hat you can do that too!

(Note: If you want to learn how to make a hat,
check out my good bloggy friend Val's post here

First, I sketched out two semi-circles with a sharpie on felt.

Cut them out and cut out a small "V" shaped notch
at the top of each piece.

Stitch up each "V" to create pleats.

Sew the (2) wrong sides together and inside-out your igloo.

Then cut out a small doorway.

It should look like this...

Using a scrap of your felt,
fold it over (like bias tape) and stitch around the doorway
to reinforce it and give it more of an "igloo look"

Then, I added a second scrap around the bottom edge
to help it stand up better, and a few stitched
(horizontal and vertical) white seams
 (with the sewing machine) to make it look like ice blocks.
Happy (Felty) Sewing!

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