Saturday, March 27, 2010

Homemade Gift: Lego Book

We attend a lot of children's birthday parties
for various school friends,
neighborhood friends,
and family friends.

All of those kid parties start to 
add up, especially when 
you need a gift to bring for each child.

I prefer homemade gifts 
whenever possible.
I think they're more thoughtful,
heartfelt, appreciated, and creative.

But what do you do when you
are running out of time, ideas,
or you just aren't that crafty?

We came up with the "Lego Book"
as a solution for one of "E"s friends recently.

She noticed that he enjoys 
playing with Legos 
during indoor recess (so do we!)

We love collecting our Lego building ideas
in a three ring binder that I keep in our block center.

We made this little boy, his own book
out of a three ring binder
with a custom cover 
typed on our computer.

We printed out lego construction ideas/instructions
on card stock (to make the pages sturdy)
and slipped them in protective covers.  

We got the directions from the Family Fun
and Lego website and packed his 
book full of ideas!

Simple and fun. 

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