Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Getting Wormy With It- Family Vermicomposting!

We have decided to add some new  members to our family.
You may recall that the last time
I made an announcement like this it was to introduce you to "Tiny the Snail"

We also have two geriatric cats, Elly and Daisy...
and our fish (Aquamarine, Baby Gippy, Mooey, assorted un-named tetras,
and an aquatic snail named "Fishy Fin")
and our 2 frogs (Frog Lloyd Wright and Lilly)

Now. We. Have. Worms. Over a pound of Redworms.
So, that would mean we have approximately 600 to 1,000 very wiggly new family members.

"Family members" that arrive by mail in a gallon ziplock bag
with a few stray hitch-hiking flies. 

Hello wormies!
Welcome to our kitchen, we have a nice little, warm home waiting for you
and two picky little girls who won't eat crust.

Get ready for lots of apple cores, tea bags (without staples!), strawberry stems,
crumbs from under the kitchen table, banana peels, coffee grounds, dryer lint, shredded newspaper.

I think we're going to get along  swimmingly....or "wiggling-ly."
Yes, I could have gotten all crafty and made a worm bin from a rubbermaid box
but this one fits in my kitchen nicely, matches my (ultimate dumpster diving score!)
black painted china hutch, and has a handy little drain for that awesome compost tea.

We still have our big Blue Planet bin going in the backyard
(great for leaves, yard waste, and big fridge clean-outs)
but this one is handy for table scraps.

Here are some Worm Composting Links:

University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee
Worm Composting Information
(good step by step photos of how to build your own worm bin!)

How to Worm Compost by

Build your own Worm Bin out 
of Nursery Flats

National Wildlife Federation
Worm Information

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