Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Home Made Gifts: Eye Glasses Chain

My mom just celebrated a "milestone" birthday.
The girls wanted to 
make her something special
 to celebrate her big day.

We went with a theme:
new books,
two custom made reading glasses chains
in hand-decorated jewelry boxes,
and chocolate.

Grammy is known around our house
for always wearing her reading glasses 
on a glasses chain around her neck.

She has to take them off and on so many times
while she's here playing with my kids
that it's easier to wear them that way.

There is a lot of tiny dressing and undressing
of polly pockets, littlest pet shop animals,
stringing of beads, etc. that happens around here
(hence the need for reading glasses
to be available at all times!)

"E" made the green and blue chain. 
She handpicked semi precious stones at our local art store
to mix with beads from our collection.

We found the little do-dads that fasten to your glasses
at Michaels, then we used double crimping beads 
to secure the jewelry wire. 

"C" wanted to make a rainbow chain.
She had fun picking out all of the pinks and reds,
then wandered off 
(as three year olds will do during tedious craft projects)
and left me to do the rest. 

Both girls decorated their own gift boxes.

This one is "E"s box, 
decorated with sharpie markers
and covered with glitter glue.

Here is "C"s box.

They were a huge hit,
she loves them.

Now the only issue is which one to wear
when she visits so the girls don't 
get jealous -- I told her she'll just have
to hang out with us twice as often! 

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