Sunday, April 18, 2010

Preschool At Home: Learning to Recognize Letters and Numbers

The Mini-Saurus "C" (age three) 
is fascinated with 
Numbers and Letters
right now. 

She REALLY wants to know
how to spell her name.

She can recognize it when it is 
written down--
but, she isn't quite there yet 
when it comes to writing it herself

(She's still a bit young for that)

I decided to make her a 
file-folder game
with scrapbook stickers
and some glass rocks from the dollar store.

I made her two sets:
One with her name
one with the numbers 1-10.

(Please Note: Because I don't disclose
my children's names on my my public blog,
I'm only showing you the 
"Numbers" version of this game
but trust me, the name version is super cute!)

I spelled out her name 
with stickers on the rocks,
then I traced each "rock" on a file folder
and wrote her name again in stickers.

While we're playing,
I only give her the stones with the 
letters from her name,
so she doesn't get overwhelmed.

Later, when she's a bit older,
I'll mix in other letters
and/or add other 
family member names.

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