Monday, May 31, 2010

Fun In the Sand: Crafting on the Beach with the Materials at Hand

We had a lot of fun at the beach last week,
you may be picking up on that theme
from my posts lately.

One of our craftivities at the beach
was making these sand and glue pictures.
It was a bit tricky with the wind,
but the girls stuck with it!

 "E" chose to lightly sketch her drawing,
then trace over it with white Elmer's school glue.
Daddy helped her hold down the paper
so it wouldn't blow away into the ocean.

Then, she carefully placed it
glue-side down in the warm sand.

Ta-da! A crab under the sun.

We buried it partially in the sand to dry
(and cook!) in the sun then shook off the excess.
You could do this at home with a sand table
(or even a cookie sheet of flour/sand/brown sugar...)
if you're not at the beach.

 "E" built this little raft out of a piece of
found drift wood, a stick, and some sea grass.
I love kid-directed crafts!

She also asked to be buried in the sand.

 "C" is obsessed with cats
so she asked me to build her a "Sand Cat"

He lasted approximately 5 minutes
before she petted and hugged him too
robustly and he was destroyed.

 Buckets of shells by the back door,
raw materials for future projects. 

And finally...
Ring around the Rosey
and a game of Hokey Pokey on the beach.

pink and green mama

Saturday, May 29, 2010

Kid's Craft: Sea Shell Mobiles

After all of that shell collecting  at the beach last week,
we had to come home and make some crafts with our new treasures.
Such a lovely way to remember our beach trip and so much nicer than store-bought knick-knacks. 

We sorted our shells and drift wood on some newsprint
then got to work making some mobiles with some of our rainbow yarn. 

We hung one up in the backyard, under the trees in the corner the girls call 
"Nature School" (it's their secret club)

This one is hanging in "E"s room, over her desk.

Such beautiful colors....

It makes the sweetest twinkling sound in the breeze from "E"s ceiling fan...
As I was tucking her in (and singing our nightly lullaby)
at bedtime tonight,  it sounded like the  gentle tinkle of fairy songs or mermaids. 

Fondly, pink and green mama, MaryLea

Thursday, May 27, 2010

The Importance of Childhood Collections: Sorting Sea Shells Activity for Kids

We did some major shelling at the beach last week. 
Here's "E" collection sorted on my kitchen table.

Sorting and categorizing is really fun for kids - they seem to be natural little collectors
and scientists. I love listening to their observations. 

Snails and "fossil" looking shells.

"Worry Stone" shell shards and mussels.

Traditional "clam shell" shells.

Oysters and spirals.

Rocks, dried seaweed, and more shell bits.

Big shells.

"C"s treasures.
(I didn't get a photo of our shark teeth)

We have lots of fun craft ideas for our haul as well as lots of sorting to do.

pink and green mama

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Beach Memories

Drinking coffee and watching the sunrise.

Braving the waves with Uncle T.

Collecting Shells.

Hugs on the beach.

Drying Seaweed.

Washing Sandy Toes.

Running with Dad.

Watching Dolphins Play.

Washing baby dolls in the kitchen.

Cousin Cuddles...and Giggles.

Warming Up.

Big sister, little sister walks on the beach.

pink and green mama

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Swim Cover-Up Alteration

I had great intentions of sewing my own cute pool cover-ups for the girls this year with 
colorful beach towels...then, I found two of these cute pink  terry cloth pool cover-ups for my girls 
at our local Walmart for less or the same cost as a towel. 

You do the math,  this was a much faster way to go
(especially since I was doing this two days before our departure for the beach!)

The only problem with these cover-ups is that the v-neck is very low cut.

I like to get the girls out of their wet swim suits
and let them wear their cover-ups home in the car when we leave the pool.
These were going to show more skin than I was comfortable with...
so, I decided to do a minor alteration.

First, I cut two U-shapes out of the bottom of one of "C"s outgrown baby t-shirts
(one for each cover-up) with my pinking shears.

 Pinned it in place and stitched with the machine to the existing neckline of the cover-up. 

Here's the inside so you can see where I pinned and sewed the fabric
inside the v-neck of each cover-up to make a false t-shirt inside. 
I also trimmed the excess fabric down a bit more with my pinking sheers.

My sewing skills aren't the best so don't look too carefully!

Here are the cover-ups in action at the beach last week (we had so much fun!)

They should be great for the pool and the backyard this summer!

Get ready for a lot more beachy posts...
I've got sand in my washer and car but I wouldn't trade it for the world!

pink and green mama

Sunday, May 23, 2010

Tissue Paper Fun: ReCycled Gift Tissue Flowers

This is a craft that has probably been around 
since the dark ages...
well maybe not the dark ages but you get the idea.

My oldest daughter "E" made one of these flowers
at a little craft station during her Father Daughter Dance date
with daddy on Mother's Day weekend.

She wanted to teach her little sister "C" 
how to make them too.
So...we raided our used gift tissue stash 
to get some fun spring colors.

I cut some tissue paper rectangles for the girls
and handed them a package of pipe cleaners 
(aka Chenille Stems for you classy Martha Stewart types).

Here is the master "E" and her pupil "C".

Stack up the tissue paper--
they used 6 sheets.

Accordion fold the stack,
then pinch the middle with your pipe cleaner (folded in half)

Then, twist the pipe cleaner to make a stem.

The plain edges were too square 
and not "flowery" enough
I got out my stash of funky scissors for the girls
and showed them how to cut the petals at an angle.

Very carefully, fluff your flower
by peeling each layer toward the center --
warning: they rip easily!

Scissors are always a favorite for "C"

"C" and her plain flower with square edges 
that was later trimmed to be "fluffier"
in "princess" colors.

Depending on the colors you choose,
you can make flowers that look like 
or roses.

My beautiful (colorful) 
kitchen table centerpiece! 

pink and green mama

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