Monday, May 17, 2010

* Art History: Japanese Kimono Scratch Art Cards

For Art in the Schools for the month of April, 
we studied the art of Japan. 
Most of our portfolio focused on Japanese wood block prints
but... I only have one hour to present the portfolio 
and complete an art project so 
printmaking wasn't on the agenda. 

Rainbow White Scratch Art Paper
was our big budget splurge item this year.

We bought ours from Sax Art and Crafts but
I just found a better price (12 sheets for $6.99) at Blick Art Supplies.

Armed with wooden styluses
and a simple kimono shape template,
they got to work.

The kids loved using it and 
made these beautiful kimonos. 

Again, I forgot my camera 
and had to use my phone (argh!)

I wish the colors showed up better. 

We glued the scratch art kimonos to brightly colored 
construction paper and turned them into 
Mother's Day cards with poems inside. 

I wanted to do a Haiku poetry lesson
but again we only had an hour to work
and the kids are in first grade,
it wasn't enough time to explain
syllable patterns 
so we stuck to basic acrostic poems.

They were fantastic! 

I asked the students to write
acrostic poems for their mothers
 for Mother's day.

Some children chose to write "Mother"
others used "Mommy" 
or their mother's first name. 

Here are a couple I really liked.

" M-  Master of me
O -  Over What I expect
T -  The best Mom
H -  Hilarious
E -  Every time helps me
R -  Remembers "

" H - Hugs Me,
O - Honors Me,
L - Loves Me,
L - Listens to Me,
Y - Yes My Mom Is the Very Best.

Holly You Rock.
Outstanding mom you are Holly.
Bends over and Kisses Me.
Lies with me in bed.
Holly, Holly I love you.
Honors my trophies
Loves my art work
Happy Mother's Day."

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