Monday, May 31, 2010

Fun In the Sand: Crafting on the Beach with the Materials at Hand

We had a lot of fun at the beach last week,
you may be picking up on that theme
from my posts lately.

One of our craftivities at the beach
was making these sand and glue pictures.
It was a bit tricky with the wind,
but the girls stuck with it!

 "E" chose to lightly sketch her drawing,
then trace over it with white Elmer's school glue.
Daddy helped her hold down the paper
so it wouldn't blow away into the ocean.

Then, she carefully placed it
glue-side down in the warm sand.

Ta-da! A crab under the sun.

We buried it partially in the sand to dry
(and cook!) in the sun then shook off the excess.
You could do this at home with a sand table
(or even a cookie sheet of flour/sand/brown sugar...)
if you're not at the beach.

 "E" built this little raft out of a piece of
found drift wood, a stick, and some sea grass.
I love kid-directed crafts!

She also asked to be buried in the sand.

 "C" is obsessed with cats
so she asked me to build her a "Sand Cat"

He lasted approximately 5 minutes
before she petted and hugged him too
robustly and he was destroyed.

 Buckets of shells by the back door,
raw materials for future projects. 

And finally...
Ring around the Rosey
and a game of Hokey Pokey on the beach.

pink and green mama

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