Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Swim Cover-Up Alteration

I had great intentions of sewing my own cute pool cover-ups for the girls this year with 
colorful beach towels...then, I found two of these cute pink  terry cloth pool cover-ups for my girls 
at our local Walmart for less or the same cost as a towel. 

You do the math,  this was a much faster way to go
(especially since I was doing this two days before our departure for the beach!)

The only problem with these cover-ups is that the v-neck is very low cut.

I like to get the girls out of their wet swim suits
and let them wear their cover-ups home in the car when we leave the pool.
These were going to show more skin than I was comfortable with...
so, I decided to do a minor alteration.

First, I cut two U-shapes out of the bottom of one of "C"s outgrown baby t-shirts
(one for each cover-up) with my pinking shears.

 Pinned it in place and stitched with the machine to the existing neckline of the cover-up. 

Here's the inside so you can see where I pinned and sewed the fabric
inside the v-neck of each cover-up to make a false t-shirt inside. 
I also trimmed the excess fabric down a bit more with my pinking sheers.

My sewing skills aren't the best so don't look too carefully!

Here are the cover-ups in action at the beach last week (we had so much fun!)

They should be great for the pool and the backyard this summer!

Get ready for a lot more beachy posts...
I've got sand in my washer and car but I wouldn't trade it for the world!

pink and green mama

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