Saturday, June 19, 2010

Kid's Carpentry: Making Home-made Montessori Manipulatives

Here is our newest
Montessori-inspired manipulatives tray
built by my hubby 
and 7 year old daughter, "E"
for little sister "C" (age 3).

Filled with:
 nuts and bolts,
a powerful mini-magnet,
and these two blocks
with brass screws

Picked up all of our supplies
at our local Lowes Hardware store.

I think these blocks of wood
are supposed to be mini table legs,
they have a small screw at one end
that we found a wing nut that fit perfectly!

Found the wooden tray at Goodwill for $1.00

Scrap blocks of wood to protect 
our family room floor
while they had a small 
"power tools" demonstration....
What?! You mean you guys don't 
do carpentry projects on your family room floor?! 

"E" did the drilling with 
Dad's supervision
and loving every minute of it...

Psst.... See her cute new summer hair cut?
We got matching mommy and daughter
short haircuts for summer with 
my fabulous stylist Michelle! 

Meanwhile, "C" demonstrated how NOT to use a hammer.

Don't worry, it's her little fake 
plastic hammer... at least she's wearing safety glasses.

"E" using a real hammer.
Daddy is so brave allowing 
her to swing that close to his fingers. 

Testing the holes.

Good to go! 
(and no injuries -- woo-hoo)

Some of "C"s little 3 and 4 year old friends
were over here for some of my summer art camp classes this week
and they LOVED her new tray -- it was very popular.

Happy Building!
pink and green mama


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