Thursday, June 17, 2010

Kid's Carpentry: Pencil Block

My sweet seven year old
made this pencil block 
from a scrap of wood
this past weekend.

Her daddy gave her a lesson
on how to use power tools. 

She loved drilling holes. 

Getting the drill bit 
back out of the wood
was a bit of a challenge. 

My sweet husband, 
sat patiently with both girls
explaining safety rules for using 
the cordless power drill. 

I've been on the hunt for months
for a good old-fashioned
hand-crank drill,
but the big box stores here
don't carry them.
We don't seem to have a good
mom and pop antique/farm auction-type place
to find one here. 

After a light sanding
(I wish I had Teacher Tom's 
Mouse Sander!)

"E" got to work with 
my acrylic paint
in the art studio
and came to show us her 
finished masterpiece!

She said the wood "told"
her what to paint...

I love that.

She followed the grain of the wood
for things like: 
and Dots. 

This would be a fun 
Father's Day project 
for a 
parent and child
 to do together

Making things together
builds connections
makes fond memories
for both of them! 


pink and green mama

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