Friday, June 4, 2010

Kid's Craft: Rainbow Sneakers

My little "E" marches to the beat of her own drummer.

Can you see those faint brown rectangles 
on the toe fabric of her shoes?
They appeared the first day she wore her new 
white sneakers to school.

There must have been a sticker on them 
at some point,
and the adhesive didn't show up until 
the first time she wore them 
out on the playground at school.

She was really upset
and crying when she got home from school. 

She's also a sensitive little bird. 

The kids at school are really into some 
new rubber-band bracelet trend.


Must-have "Rubberbands" are the hottest trend?

Her sneakers were "too boring"

Too white.

She didn't have rubberband bracelets.

I told her we could fix that. 

I said we should start our own new trend.

We got out our sharpies,
and got to work
adding some rainbow-riffic color
to her shoes. 

No more stained toes.

No more boring shoes.

Best of all,
no more tears. 

Just smiles. 

Now, she wants to 
tie-dye the shoelaces!

That's my girl. 

pink and green mama

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