Thursday, July 29, 2010

Bubble Print Mats and Fish Prints

As a "convenient" result of 
helping my mom clean out HER art studio
last weekend, I recently acquired
some old pre-cut mat board art mats

(Now you know one of my real motives for "helping" my mom clean up her messes!)
The mats were a bit of a hod-podge but nothing we couldn't fix
with a bit of acrylic craft paint.

I passed them out among my students in art camp this week.

(first I asked them to print their names on the backside of the mats
so we could tell them apart later....)

Then, I passed out plates of  blue and green acrylic craft paint
small paint brushes and two sizes (big and little) of bubble wrap scraps. 

The kids had a great (messy!) time
painting the bubble wrap
and printing their mats with it.

The final results were a bit of a faux-finish/marbled/bubble finish.
There may have been a "bit" of bubble popping as well. : ) 

Then, we laid them out in the grass
to dry in the front yard

While our mats were drying, we got to work  printing up some fish
(Gyotaku-style) on Japanese printmaking paper.

(The lesson can be found in my Summer Art Camp Ocean Fun Art Lessons PDF)

The final projects were beautiful! and I hope...  their parents found them 
to be "frame-worthy."

I'm sure they foundpaint everywhere at bath time!

Happy Mess-Making!

pink and green mama

Saturday, July 24, 2010

* Homemade Japanese Fish Kite Fun!

"C" and I decided to make our own 
Japanese Fish Kite 
(windsock) last month and I'm finally posting photos. 

We made a batch of these kites with some of her little 
3 and 4 year old friends during our Mommy and Me Mini-Ocean Fun
Art Camps here at our house in June. 

I started with a large rectangle 
of white paper, folded in half lengthwise (hot dog fold).

I trimmed a (V) tail shape at the bottom,
not something for 3 year olds to do, but totally do-able if you're making with older kids!

Then, we opened it up and added wavy lines
with markers (I prefer sharpies)
and zig-zag lines to the body as scales.

Drew two circles for fish eyes.

Then, they got to work coloring their fish (still opened flat)
with dot-a-dot markers and watercolors.

Note: Learn from my mistake! 
I used my cool, semi-translucent,  Japanese printmaking paper
but that was a big mistake... when the little kids started watercolor-ing
on it, it couldn't take the massive quantities of water they used 
and started to rip.... I should have used heavier white drawing paper
(and supervised brush wiping more carefully!)

When the fish were dry,
we added a line of glue
along the open edge of the paper
(to the belly of the fish!)
and folded it over to  make it like a cylinder.

Don't glue the tail shut--
leave it open so the air can blow through!

To reinforce the mouth and keep it 
open in an "O" shape,
you could glue a strip of paper but I cheated and just used a strip
of white masking tape!

We added a piece of yarn  to the mouth of the fish kite,
like a basket handle....
perfect for hanging in trees and holding onto while you run!

Happy Kite (making) Flying!

pink and green mama

Monday, July 19, 2010

Pink and Green Mama Crafts: Ocean Fun Art Camp Lesson Plans

In case you couldn't come to my 
Ocean Fun Art Camps this summer...
now you can have your own art camp at home!
(or in your classroom)

12 Art Lessons 
inspired by the Ocean in a 
32-Page PDF Formatted Lesson Book
for only $10.00

Discount Code:
Discount Code:

* Full-Color Templates
* Detailed Step-by-Step Photo Directions 
* Color Photos of actual Student Artwork
* Supply Lists

Packed with supply lists for each project, 
photos of each completed project, 
full-color templates, step-by-step photo instructions, 
and photos of student artwork;
this 32-page printable PDF 
includes everything you need to create your own 
Ocean Fun Art Camp 
lesson plans at home or in your classroom.

These lessons can be done
on a one-on-one basis
with your own child 
or in a large group/classroom setting
with several children.

I’ve led small groups of 3-4 year olds 
through all of these lessons
(with assistance from their parents) 
as well as groups of 5-9 year olds
in my summer art camps.

You can do several lessons at once, 
like a real camp experience, 
or spread them out over several days/weeks; 
whatever works best for your schedule.

Many of the supplies for these projects 
will come from your own art and craft stash,
 kitchen, garage, and recycling bin!

The PDF book is designed 
to be printed out 
(I recommend using card stock paper and putting it in a binder!) 
or you can read it directly from 
your own home or classroom computer screen.

This 32-page Art Lesson Book
is best suited for preschool (ages 3-4)
and elementary-school aged children (ages 5-9). 

This $10.00 Art Lesson Collection includes:
12 Complete Art Lessons 
6 of my most-popular ocean-themed blog art lessons 
PLUS an additional 6 brand new 
(never published on my blog) ocean-themed art lessons!

To purchase the PDF:
Please click on the PayPal button below.
After you checkout from PayPal,
you will immediately be re-directed to the download site.

Thank You!

Discount Code:
Discount Code:

Happy Ocean Fun!

pink and green mama, MaryLea

Nature and Art: Leaf Pictures

"C"s Fox/Cat in the Snowy Woods

Our family recently vacationed in Texas  to visit grandparents. 
While we spent 9 days enjoying sunny afternoons, local sights,
and their lovely warm pool, we also did some crafting!

We found this kit at the local Hobby Lobby
(my first time visiting one!)

that comes with the nature scene backgrounds,
page upon page of perforated two-sided leaf photos, and a glue stick. 

The intention is to create "nature" pictures with fake leaves. : )
This is an activity we enjoy every fall with REAL leaves
from our backyard and walks around the neighborhood. 

But, this kit is a nice, mess-free, alternative if you find yourselves
on an airplane or traveling to see family where you don't have the assortment
of leaves that we do. 

It was quiet, kept both girls engaged for a solid 45 minutes
and was suitable for both of my girls,
ages 3 and 7 years. 

"E"s Butterfly

We really enjoyed the  "nature scene" backgrounds.

I think this would be  fun to do at home  with photos torn out of magazines and real leaves
Think: National Geographic, Vacation magazines, Gardening Catalogs, etc.

"E"s fish and starfish

"E"s Luna Moth

"E"s Snail (of course)

"C"s Dolphin on the Beach

"C"s Duck in the Woods by a Waterfall

Saturday, July 17, 2010

* Winner of Rae Grant Book "Homemade Fun" Giveaway!

A special thank you to every one of you that took the time 
and went through the effort to comment for this giveaway.
I really enjoyed reading about your favorite activities to do with your kids and who taught you how to sew. I had to re-do the drawing because we could not contact the other the new winner is: 

Congratulations Cricket

Please email me with your contact information so I can get the book to you! 
Lucky girl -- you're going to love it! :)

#204 Cricket said...

My girls consistently love to play in the mud. 
I know it's not a game, but we play it so often,
 I actually cleared out a big patch of grass around our mud-hole to make it bigger.
July 16, 2010 1:47 PM
Cricket, you are the coolest mom ever --
I love that you actually made your girls a mud pit!
My girls love to play in the mud too : )
Cricket's answer to the sewing question:

Cricket said...

Who taught me to sew? That's hard to answer. I remember I took a class at age 12 and threaded the needle on the machine from back to front. They wondered how I had even managed to do that. But I don't remember learning anything else. I guess that means I am self taught.I figure if there is a pattern, I can make it. If not, the worst that will happen is a big old ugly bit of cloth.
I learned basic sewing from my mother and my elementary art teacher.
 Then, I took a year of Home EC in Middle School and 
learned how to sew an apron on a sewing machine.
4 years later, during my senior year of High School, 
I dropped out of my 4th year of French 
(and an icky math class that I've repressed) I signed up for "Clothing 1 and 2"

My sewing skills, learned in those classrooms, 
have been MUCH more handy (and used a lot more often) than my french lessons!


pink and green mama, MaryLea

Friday, July 16, 2010

DIY Paint Chip Game - FREE Game to Entertain Kids in Waiting Rooms, Restaurants, or On the GO!

Life is filled with waiting.
Doctor's Offices, Plane Rides, Restaurants... you get the idea.
Why not make a simple game you can stash in your purse to entertain your kids!

It can be a little more fun if mama has a surprise (or two) up her sleeve (or in her purse)!
Entertaining little ones while waiting for food to arrive
at restaurants can  sometimes present a bit of challenge.

On the rare occasion that we actually  go out to eat with our children,
I try to keep some small and clever distractions 
stashed in my purse to supplement the usual crackers and bread,
or crayons and place mats.

This game was actually inspired by a reader comment from this blog
(thank you Anna!)

one of you said you made a game by laminating color sample chips
to play at restaurants.

Pure genius if you ask me!

I chopped up two identical sets of paint chips for my two girls
(to avoid fights) and stashed them in a small pocket in my purse.

I did not bother laminating them since they are pretty sturdy
and when they get dirty or gross, we can just recycle them!

When we went out to eat with my in-laws in Texas, I dealt a set to each one of my girls.

(photo taken with my phone at the restaurant)

"C" age 3,  really enjoyed sorting the colors,
finding matches, and then playing a memory game with me. 

We just turned over the colors (two of each color) and played several rounds
(happily, I might add) before our delicious food arrived. 
Hooray for happy (and patient!) little ones.

pink and green mama

Monday, July 12, 2010

Custom Kid Art Window Shade

My in-laws have a 
beautiful home in Texas.

All of the windows on the front 
of their house, have these
big semi-circle transoms on top.

The problem with these beautiful 
windows is at night when you're trying to sleep.
The moonlight shines directly in your eyes.

My mother-in-law's solution
was to cut a piece of cardboard
to fit in their owner's bedroom window
to block the light. 

Practical but not pretty. 

The window before without any "window treatment"
One of our vacation crafts,
was to create a new and artsy
window treatment.

We got a piece of foam core
at the Hobby Lobby,
and made a template to fit in the window
with the old cardboard.

After cutting out the foam core
in three pieces
(one large center piece
with two smaller side wings)

We taped the sides on using 
white fabric medical tape
so we could paint over it. 
"E" and I sketched out a basic design 
with sharpies.

We included rolling hills,
a portrait of their house and driveway,
an American Flag on a pole,
a sky that was divided into 
Day and Night
with a Sun and a Moon,
a lake, 
some trees and flowers,
and most importantly
two little girls 
"E" and "C" with some magical Texas snails
(we found them EVERYwhere on our trip!)

We finished the piece with washable craft paint
and sharpie details

The medical tape (on the seams) 
was a bit tricky to paint over 
(it really absorbed the paint)
but it worked out just fine in the end.

See the sidewalk chalk drawings
in the driveway?

The finished masterpiece
wedged into place.
My mother-in-law LOVES it! 

Do you have any crafty solutions
at home for problem
decorating areas?


pink and green mama

Saturday, July 10, 2010

Butterfly Mobile With Watercolor Paper

Great (crafty) minds think alike!

The girls and I were inspired by 
over at Childhood Magic's blog a few weeks ago.

on my bedside table for the past few weeks
and laughed out loud when I came across
her instructions for a Butterfly mobile
nearly identical to the one we had just made--too funny!!

We printed the templates here
and traced some of our own butterfly cookie cutters
on watercolor paper
then used crayons and watercolor
to make colorful butterflies.

Lots of leftover butterflies
(and kitties) -- I see more mobiles,
playroom decorations, and balancing butterflies
in our future.

Using supplies we had on hand
the girls and I made a mobile for "C"s room
to hang over her new big girl bed.

We used:
an embroidery hoop,
small hole punch,
and watercolor paper butterflies.

Tracing templates,
cookie cutters, and magnets. 

Watercolor butterflies.

We had to make some watercolor 
kitty cats too!

So simple but so pretty and sweet.

She loves it and so does her mama.
Sweet dreams sweet "C"!

P.S. Stay tuned for a giveaway and review
of Rae Grant's new book, Homemade Fun, this week!
We're cooking up some yummy fun in the kitchen.

pink and green mama

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

* Homemade Gifts: Marshmallow Shooters

Our other homemade  birthday gift for our summer 
birthday friends were a couple of these
Marshmallow Shooters!
They were a huge hit with the birthday boy and his little brother.

We had to make a set for ourselves too : )
Directions for these  can be found all over the internet. 
We liked this set at Family Capers the best.

(we included a set in the  birthday boy's gift bag in case
his parents want to make more for themselves!)

Daddy took the girls  on a field trip to 
the hardware store for supplies:

1/2 inch PVC (drinking water quality)
Sprinkler Pipe
End Caps
a Pipe Cutter....

(I see more PVC projects in our future!)
We also added a fresh bag
of Mini Marshmallows
and some Safety Goggles (from the Dollar Store)

We decorated ours with
Colored Masking Tape. 
Because we really can't leave  anything alone. 

Happy Tasty Shooting!

pink and green mama

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