Thursday, July 29, 2010

Bubble Print Mats and Fish Prints

As a "convenient" result of 
helping my mom clean out HER art studio
last weekend, I recently acquired
some old pre-cut mat board art mats

(Now you know one of my real motives for "helping" my mom clean up her messes!)
The mats were a bit of a hod-podge but nothing we couldn't fix
with a bit of acrylic craft paint.

I passed them out among my students in art camp this week.

(first I asked them to print their names on the backside of the mats
so we could tell them apart later....)

Then, I passed out plates of  blue and green acrylic craft paint
small paint brushes and two sizes (big and little) of bubble wrap scraps. 

The kids had a great (messy!) time
painting the bubble wrap
and printing their mats with it.

The final results were a bit of a faux-finish/marbled/bubble finish.
There may have been a "bit" of bubble popping as well. : ) 

Then, we laid them out in the grass
to dry in the front yard

While our mats were drying, we got to work  printing up some fish
(Gyotaku-style) on Japanese printmaking paper.

(The lesson can be found in my Summer Art Camp Ocean Fun Art Lessons PDF)

The final projects were beautiful! and I hope...  their parents found them 
to be "frame-worthy."

I'm sure they foundpaint everywhere at bath time!

Happy Mess-Making!

pink and green mama

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