Monday, July 12, 2010

Custom Kid Art Window Shade

My in-laws have a 
beautiful home in Texas.

All of the windows on the front 
of their house, have these
big semi-circle transoms on top.

The problem with these beautiful 
windows is at night when you're trying to sleep.
The moonlight shines directly in your eyes.

My mother-in-law's solution
was to cut a piece of cardboard
to fit in their owner's bedroom window
to block the light. 

Practical but not pretty. 

The window before without any "window treatment"
One of our vacation crafts,
was to create a new and artsy
window treatment.

We got a piece of foam core
at the Hobby Lobby,
and made a template to fit in the window
with the old cardboard.

After cutting out the foam core
in three pieces
(one large center piece
with two smaller side wings)

We taped the sides on using 
white fabric medical tape
so we could paint over it. 
"E" and I sketched out a basic design 
with sharpies.

We included rolling hills,
a portrait of their house and driveway,
an American Flag on a pole,
a sky that was divided into 
Day and Night
with a Sun and a Moon,
a lake, 
some trees and flowers,
and most importantly
two little girls 
"E" and "C" with some magical Texas snails
(we found them EVERYwhere on our trip!)

We finished the piece with washable craft paint
and sharpie details

The medical tape (on the seams) 
was a bit tricky to paint over 
(it really absorbed the paint)
but it worked out just fine in the end.

See the sidewalk chalk drawings
in the driveway?

The finished masterpiece
wedged into place.
My mother-in-law LOVES it! 

Do you have any crafty solutions
at home for problem
decorating areas?


pink and green mama

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