Saturday, July 24, 2010

* Homemade Japanese Fish Kite Fun!

"C" and I decided to make our own 
Japanese Fish Kite 
(windsock) last month and I'm finally posting photos. 

We made a batch of these kites with some of her little 
3 and 4 year old friends during our Mommy and Me Mini-Ocean Fun
Art Camps here at our house in June. 

I started with a large rectangle 
of white paper, folded in half lengthwise (hot dog fold).

I trimmed a (V) tail shape at the bottom,
not something for 3 year olds to do, but totally do-able if you're making with older kids!

Then, we opened it up and added wavy lines
with markers (I prefer sharpies)
and zig-zag lines to the body as scales.

Drew two circles for fish eyes.

Then, they got to work coloring their fish (still opened flat)
with dot-a-dot markers and watercolors.

Note: Learn from my mistake! 
I used my cool, semi-translucent,  Japanese printmaking paper
but that was a big mistake... when the little kids started watercolor-ing
on it, it couldn't take the massive quantities of water they used 
and started to rip.... I should have used heavier white drawing paper
(and supervised brush wiping more carefully!)

When the fish were dry,
we added a line of glue
along the open edge of the paper
(to the belly of the fish!)
and folded it over to  make it like a cylinder.

Don't glue the tail shut--
leave it open so the air can blow through!

To reinforce the mouth and keep it 
open in an "O" shape,
you could glue a strip of paper but I cheated and just used a strip
of white masking tape!

We added a piece of yarn  to the mouth of the fish kite,
like a basket handle....
perfect for hanging in trees and holding onto while you run!

Happy Kite (making) Flying!

pink and green mama

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