Monday, July 19, 2010

Nature and Art: Leaf Pictures

"C"s Fox/Cat in the Snowy Woods

Our family recently vacationed in Texas  to visit grandparents. 
While we spent 9 days enjoying sunny afternoons, local sights,
and their lovely warm pool, we also did some crafting!

We found this kit at the local Hobby Lobby
(my first time visiting one!)

that comes with the nature scene backgrounds,
page upon page of perforated two-sided leaf photos, and a glue stick. 

The intention is to create "nature" pictures with fake leaves. : )
This is an activity we enjoy every fall with REAL leaves
from our backyard and walks around the neighborhood. 

But, this kit is a nice, mess-free, alternative if you find yourselves
on an airplane or traveling to see family where you don't have the assortment
of leaves that we do. 

It was quiet, kept both girls engaged for a solid 45 minutes
and was suitable for both of my girls,
ages 3 and 7 years. 

"E"s Butterfly

We really enjoyed the  "nature scene" backgrounds.

I think this would be  fun to do at home  with photos torn out of magazines and real leaves
Think: National Geographic, Vacation magazines, Gardening Catalogs, etc.

"E"s fish and starfish

"E"s Luna Moth

"E"s Snail (of course)

"C"s Dolphin on the Beach

"C"s Duck in the Woods by a Waterfall

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