Monday, August 30, 2010

* Mom Would Never Let Me Do This At Home Camp: Giant Marble Painting Outdoors with Kids!

During our VERY Messy
"Mom Would Never Let Me Do This At Home!" art camp last week,
we did Giant Marble Painting!

The kids had so much fun with traditional marble painting in my Rainbow Camps
and during Exploring Great Artists Camp (as an ode to Jackson Pollock)

We lined the bottom of our two wading pools with art paper, and the kids dunked
old golf balls and baseballs in trays of  different colored paint.
Then they dropped them in the pools and used team work to roll them around.

It was great fun  and  the projects turned out really well.
The golf balls made a cool texture on the papers. 

Pink and Green Mama

Thursday, August 26, 2010

* Mom Would Never Let Me Do This At Home Camp: Painting with Fly Swatters Outdoors!

I hosted my final art camp, "Mom Would Never Let Me Do This At Home! Art Camp" 
last week and we went out with a messy bang!

The day was filled with  outdoor projects  and lots of  abstract expressionism.
Our projects were so messy that we did all but one outdoors
and got progressively messier with each station.

One of our projects was "Fly Swatter Painting"inspired by Teacher Tom's blog
and his classroom antics; I picked up two big packages of fly swatters from our local dollar store.
I set out trays of paint in the grass and each kid labeled their paper before
we started working. Then, each kid grabbed a swatter, smacked it in the paintand started swatting their papers!

I wish I had a photo of the artists in action but I only got shots of their work when they were done. 

This group of kids had a great time  and we were covered in paint from head to toe by the end of camp-- I ended up just filling up two  wading pools in my driveway with some mild soap
and hosed off all of the kids before returning them to their parents!

Happy Mess-Making! 
Next up....
Large Scale Marble Painting!!

pink and green mama

Monday, August 23, 2010

* Happy Anniversary Diorama

My sweet hubby and I recently celebrated our 
12th Wedding Anniversary and 15 years together
and... 15 years of my sweet hubby being cancer free! Woo-Hoo

Our oldest daughter, "E" asked me (mysteriously) for a box of a certain
size before my hubby and I left for our mini-weekend retreat. 
My mom graciously volunteered to keep her two favorite grandchildren for the weekend!

This adorable diorama  was her surprise gift for us.
I love it!!
Best. gift. ever. 

She said she might use peeps next year!
I asked her if she could add my two little girls ("E" and "C") but she said, 

"No mama, it's supposed to be  you guys on your anniversary- why would we be there too?!"

I love that she made me wearing my new purple dress I bought to wear to dinner
with my hubby (and my flip flops!) and my hubby in his weekend uniform
of a t-shirt and cargo shorts!! : ) 

Speaking of anniversaries...
Happy 41 YEARS to my own parents today!

pink and green mama

Friday, August 20, 2010

* Barbie School In A Box - Using Role Play To Relieve Back To School Anxiety

With the start of a new school year right around the corner,
I thought I'd dig into my archives and share this little gem
for any of you who have kids with back-to-school anxiety.

"E" was very nervous about starting Kindergarten 2 years ago
and we used this little xerox box classroom again for her sister, "C"
when she started her little preschool class last year. 

This one has been recycled, but we're planning to make a new one...
Not because anyone around here is nervous about school (this time)
but because they're super excited and can't wait to go back!
Here's the original post, in case you missed it the first time:

We made this mini classroom to role play what a typical day at school might be like.
It really helped my girls calm their fears about school.

I printed an alphabet chart, some classroom charts, and a color wheel (of course) off the internet.
Hooray for Google Images!
You can Google classroom pictures (or visit teacher blogs)
and just print out their photos of bulletin board displays, etc.

You could get super crafty and just make your own but she wanted it to be "authentic"
(it's one of her favorite big words.)

Using an empty copy paper box from daddy's office,
(remember our Little House in the Big Woods box?)
we glued construction paper to the "walls" and added the printed pictures, and a felt rug.

Our Barbies and Kelly dolls have had quite a lot of fun there.

That's Miss Poisson, the teacher. She's really nice.
Sometimes they take field trips  to the Ocean Sensory Box and swim with the fishies.

Happy Crafty Role-Playing!

pink and green mama

Thursday, August 19, 2010

* Our Somewhere Over The Rainbow Land Of OZ Playscape

The girls and I ADORED
the DIY Land of OZ that 
Lindsey and her girls made over at Filth Wizardry Blog

So inspired, in fact... that we bought our own copy
of the Wizard of Oz, watched it, and the girls and I made our own 
Wizard of OZ play set with old polly pockets and some craft foam/foam core. 

This post is dedicated to Lindsey as a heartfelt thank you 
for such wonderful, inspiring ideas and for giving us 
a wonderful memories
of a rainy afternoon spent together building this little play set yesterday! 

We painted a pice of foam core to make the yellow brick road
(with a spiral just like the beginning of the road in the movie!)

See that little green castle? That was an old craft foam kit from Michaels Craft Store
that the girls had grown tired of playing with.

The girls gave it a fresh coat of green paint and some green glitter --
it was a perfect Emerald City.

We're off to see the Wizard!
(except we haven't made him yet...)

The Good Witch Glinda doesn't have a crown yet
(we're still looking for the perfect one...)

but the girls did bling out her dress with a nice
coating of glitter glue!

Dorothy and friends checking out the Emerald City.
That's the Field of Red Poppies on the left
(just before they get to the city)

The Wicked Witch of the West
with her green sharpie face, red sharpie stockings, felt cape and dress
and that's a food coloring lid super glued to her head as a hat (colored with black sharpie)

She and her monkeys have been busy flying around OZ and trying to catch 
Dorothy and Toto. 

The Tin Man and the Scarecrow -- more polly pockets...
The Tin Man is spray painted silver
with another food coloring bottle cap  super-glued to his head
(black sharpie for bolts and a red sharpie heart)

(Don't tell the others but he is our Favorite!!)

The Scarecrow is more felt sewn and glued
to another Happy Meal doll toy. 

Is that a house on your witch?

The Cowardly Lion is an old 
Happy Meal Polly Pocket with a home-made 
felt lion suit sewn to her and an altered sharpie marker face. 

Dorothy is wearing a cut-up Polly Pocket dress
with a felt rectangle apron tied to her waist with a small blue ribbon.

Her Ruby Slippers were made by dipping her feet
in Red Acrylic Paint then dusting them with red Martha Stewart glitter. 

Happy Playing!

pink and green mama

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

* Mom Would Never Let Me Do This At Home Camp: Feet Painting

The group favorite (and by far the messiest!) activity yesterday at
"Mom Would Never Let Me  Do This At Home!"art camp was  painting with feet

and hands.... and elbows, and knees, and tushies!

It got a bit slippery but wasn't as chaotic as I expected.

I rolled out  brown contractor's paper (from Lowe's Hardware store)
down the length of the sidewalk in front of my house.

We used aluminum trays (from the dollar store) with tempera paint (and a dash of liquid soap)

I loved the tie-dyed sidewalk and grass afterwards!!

My friend Jen, over at Paint Cut Pastedoes this with her sweet daughter, Novi.
She's the mom who actually WOULD let you do this at home!

Happy Mess-Making!

pink and green mama

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Re-Cycled Collaborative Art: Back To School Collage Using Catalogs and Back to School Advertisements

The girls made this adorable "Waiting For the Bus"collage last week. 
They are very excited about heading  back to school!

They cut up a back-to-school kid's clothing catalog.
Our Hanna Andersson Catalog had all of these cute kids with adorable backpacks and
lunch boxes.

They worked together on it  and it was the cutest thing ever
to see my two little girls working side-by-side on a  collaborative art project.
"E" (age 7) did most of the drawing but "C" (age 3) got to help  brainstorm ideas,
pick people to cut out, color, and glue down the photos.

Mom sat down with them and did a bit of coloring and cutting herself. We all had a lot of fun.

Such a fun way to use up all of those back to school newspaper flyers, 

How fun would this be for a back to school project
(or a first week of school) group project for a bulletin board display?
The girls have planned our next pictures to be be a classroom and recess. 

pink and green mama

Saturday, August 14, 2010

* Pink and Green Mama Crafts: Rainbow Fun Art Camp Lesson Plans EBook

In case you didn't get to attend my
Rainbow Fun Art Camps this summer...
Now you can have your own Rainbow Fun at home!
(or in your classroom)

20 Colorful Art Lessons
in a 47-page PDF Formatted
 Lesson Plan e-Book
for only $10.00
Discount Code:
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* Full-Color Templates
* Detailed Step-by-Step Photo Directions
* Color Photos of actual Student Artwork
* Supply Lists
*Suggested Reading List (NEW!)
* Additional Activities
*Songs (NEW!)

Packed with supply lists for each project,
photos of each completed project,
full-color templates, step-by-step photo instructions,
songs, bonus project ideas, suggested reading list,
and photos of student artwork;
this 47-page printable PDF
includes everything you need to create your own
Rainbow Fun Art Camp
lesson plans at home or in your classroom

These lessons can be done
on a one-on-one basis
with your own child
or in a large group/classroom setting
with several children. 

I've led small groups of 3-4 year olds
through all of these lessons
(with assistance from their parents)
as well as groups of 5-9 year olds
in my sumer art camps. 

These lessons and projects are also wonderful 
RAINBOW Birthday Party Activities!

We did several of them this
year at my daughter's 
Rainbow-Themed 7th Birthday Party
and the projects were a big hit 
with guests of all ages. 

You can do several lessons at once,
like a real camp experience,
or spread them out over several days or weeks;
whatever works best for your schedule.

Many of the supplies for these projects
will come from your own art and craft stash,
kitchen pantry, garage, and recycling bin!

The PDF e-book is designed
to be printed out
(I recommend using card stock paper and putting it in a binder!)
or you can read it directly from
your own home or classroom computer screen. 

This 47-page Art Lesson Book
is best suited for preschool (ages 3-4)
and elementary-school aged children (ages 5-9).

This $10.00 Art Lesson Collection includes:
20 Complete RainboArt Lessons
10 of my most-popular rainbow-themed blog art lessons
PLUS an additional 10 brand new
(never published on my blog) rainbow-themed art lessons!
To purchase the PDF:
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you will immediately be redirected to the download site.

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Happy Rainbow Making!
pink and green mama,

Friday, August 13, 2010

* Summer Boredom Buster: Make Your Own Joke Book!

A perfect boredom buster for summer break...
let your kids be authors and illustrators of their own Joke Book.

"E" (age 7) made this one for her Grammy Bev's birthday.
Grammy Bev has an extensive Penguin collection so... we made her a Penguin joke book.

A few jokes were found online; "E" wrote the rest of them. 
(I love her jokes and her drawings so I had to share)

After writing down the jokes, we carefully typed them 
on the computer and printed them on card stock.

Then, we trimmed the card stock into small pages (3"x5")
and "E" carefully illustrated each joke with pen and colored in  with colored pencils.

We bound the whole thing with  rainbow yarn.

 Little Sister, "C" (age 3) made a page too!

It was a big hit (and a favorite birthday gift!)

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