Sunday, August 1, 2010

* Cozy Coupe Makeover and Fan Mail

I love hearing from my blog readers and this email showed up in my 
inbox this weekend and brought a big smile to my face.

Hi Pink and Green Mama, Just wanted to thank you all for your awesome ideas. I found a $5 coupe car at a garage sale and painted it purple and green for my daughter. I used plastic primer and regular spray paint, vinyl stickers and clear coat. Thanks again for all the great ideas! - Cecilia

As my own girls said,
"Totally cool!" 

Remember the Cozy Coupe I scored at a neighborhood garage sale and
fixed up for one of my best friends' little boys?

Well here's the post to jog your memory. 
And here is Cecilia's Cozy Coupe re-do. I love it!! 

The purple and green with the flower power flowers are awesome!
Keep the photos and emails coming.
They are the whole reason I write this blog (in addition to making an on-line scrapbook for my girls)

My goal is to share our projects and ideas with you so you can
create your own wonderful memories with your own kids!

pink and green mama

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