Friday, August 20, 2010

* Barbie School In A Box - Using Role Play To Relieve Back To School Anxiety

With the start of a new school year right around the corner,
I thought I'd dig into my archives and share this little gem
for any of you who have kids with back-to-school anxiety.

"E" was very nervous about starting Kindergarten 2 years ago
and we used this little xerox box classroom again for her sister, "C"
when she started her little preschool class last year. 

This one has been recycled, but we're planning to make a new one...
Not because anyone around here is nervous about school (this time)
but because they're super excited and can't wait to go back!
Here's the original post, in case you missed it the first time:

We made this mini classroom to role play what a typical day at school might be like.
It really helped my girls calm their fears about school.

I printed an alphabet chart, some classroom charts, and a color wheel (of course) off the internet.
Hooray for Google Images!
You can Google classroom pictures (or visit teacher blogs)
and just print out their photos of bulletin board displays, etc.

You could get super crafty and just make your own but she wanted it to be "authentic"
(it's one of her favorite big words.)

Using an empty copy paper box from daddy's office,
(remember our Little House in the Big Woods box?)
we glued construction paper to the "walls" and added the printed pictures, and a felt rug.

Our Barbies and Kelly dolls have had quite a lot of fun there.

That's Miss Poisson, the teacher. She's really nice.
Sometimes they take field trips  to the Ocean Sensory Box and swim with the fishies.

Happy Crafty Role-Playing!

pink and green mama

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