Monday, August 23, 2010

* Happy Anniversary Diorama

My sweet hubby and I recently celebrated our 
12th Wedding Anniversary and 15 years together
and... 15 years of my sweet hubby being cancer free! Woo-Hoo

Our oldest daughter, "E" asked me (mysteriously) for a box of a certain
size before my hubby and I left for our mini-weekend retreat. 
My mom graciously volunteered to keep her two favorite grandchildren for the weekend!

This adorable diorama  was her surprise gift for us.
I love it!!
Best. gift. ever. 

She said she might use peeps next year!
I asked her if she could add my two little girls ("E" and "C") but she said, 

"No mama, it's supposed to be  you guys on your anniversary- why would we be there too?!"

I love that she made me wearing my new purple dress I bought to wear to dinner
with my hubby (and my flip flops!) and my hubby in his weekend uniform
of a t-shirt and cargo shorts!! : ) 

Speaking of anniversaries...
Happy 41 YEARS to my own parents today!

pink and green mama

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