Wednesday, August 4, 2010

* Making A Book From Your Blog

My blogging journey has been an  evolving process from day one. 

It serves as a digital diary, documenting our arts and crafts adventures, family trips, and daily life.

A perfect "scrapbook" of non-traditional sorts for my two young daughters. 
I have been trying to find a way to  preserve the posts for them to read in the future.

Blog 2 Print came to my rescue  when I found them using a google search. 
They are not endorsing this post,  I just wanted to share my experience with
their product with any of you who may want to preserve your own blogs.

I have to admit,  after all of the time I've spent at this keyboard
typing away, it was very satisfying to have tangible evidence of my hard work. 

I ordered my blog divided by seasons, in three month increments 
(4 books for each year) and (of course!) I ordered them in RAINBOW order!
I love the way they look on a bookshelf.

They let me put my own photos on the front and back covers. 

Love it! 

6 books so far --  The seventh book is still in progress!

Table of contents....

No fancy formatting  like Snapfish or Kodak Gallery Photo Books....
but my photos are in there  with my words an none of the other sidebar stuff. 

Exactly what I wanted  to save for my kids. 
(My mom and dad ordered a set for themselves as well.)

Down the road, each of my daughters will receive a complete set of hard-bound books,
documenting their childhoods.

Happy Memory Making!

pink and green mama

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