Thursday, August 26, 2010

* Mom Would Never Let Me Do This At Home Camp: Painting with Fly Swatters Outdoors!

I hosted my final art camp, "Mom Would Never Let Me Do This At Home! Art Camp" 
last week and we went out with a messy bang!

The day was filled with  outdoor projects  and lots of  abstract expressionism.
Our projects were so messy that we did all but one outdoors
and got progressively messier with each station.

One of our projects was "Fly Swatter Painting"inspired by Teacher Tom's blog
and his classroom antics; I picked up two big packages of fly swatters from our local dollar store.
I set out trays of paint in the grass and each kid labeled their paper before
we started working. Then, each kid grabbed a swatter, smacked it in the paintand started swatting their papers!

I wish I had a photo of the artists in action but I only got shots of their work when they were done. 

This group of kids had a great time  and we were covered in paint from head to toe by the end of camp-- I ended up just filling up two  wading pools in my driveway with some mild soap
and hosed off all of the kids before returning them to their parents!

Happy Mess-Making! 
Next up....
Large Scale Marble Painting!!

pink and green mama

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