Thursday, August 19, 2010

* Our Somewhere Over The Rainbow Land Of OZ Playscape

The girls and I ADORED
the DIY Land of OZ that 
Lindsey and her girls made over at Filth Wizardry Blog

So inspired, in fact... that we bought our own copy
of the Wizard of Oz, watched it, and the girls and I made our own 
Wizard of OZ play set with old polly pockets and some craft foam/foam core. 

This post is dedicated to Lindsey as a heartfelt thank you 
for such wonderful, inspiring ideas and for giving us 
a wonderful memories
of a rainy afternoon spent together building this little play set yesterday! 

We painted a pice of foam core to make the yellow brick road
(with a spiral just like the beginning of the road in the movie!)

See that little green castle? That was an old craft foam kit from Michaels Craft Store
that the girls had grown tired of playing with.

The girls gave it a fresh coat of green paint and some green glitter --
it was a perfect Emerald City.

We're off to see the Wizard!
(except we haven't made him yet...)

The Good Witch Glinda doesn't have a crown yet
(we're still looking for the perfect one...)

but the girls did bling out her dress with a nice
coating of glitter glue!

Dorothy and friends checking out the Emerald City.
That's the Field of Red Poppies on the left
(just before they get to the city)

The Wicked Witch of the West
with her green sharpie face, red sharpie stockings, felt cape and dress
and that's a food coloring lid super glued to her head as a hat (colored with black sharpie)

She and her monkeys have been busy flying around OZ and trying to catch 
Dorothy and Toto. 

The Tin Man and the Scarecrow -- more polly pockets...
The Tin Man is spray painted silver
with another food coloring bottle cap  super-glued to his head
(black sharpie for bolts and a red sharpie heart)

(Don't tell the others but he is our Favorite!!)

The Scarecrow is more felt sewn and glued
to another Happy Meal doll toy. 

Is that a house on your witch?

The Cowardly Lion is an old 
Happy Meal Polly Pocket with a home-made 
felt lion suit sewn to her and an altered sharpie marker face. 

Dorothy is wearing a cut-up Polly Pocket dress
with a felt rectangle apron tied to her waist with a small blue ribbon.

Her Ruby Slippers were made by dipping her feet
in Red Acrylic Paint then dusting them with red Martha Stewart glitter. 

Happy Playing!

pink and green mama

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