Monday, September 27, 2010

* Homemade Outdoor Play Kitchen From An Up-cycled Cabinet

Hubby and I did a major garage clean-out as soon as we got our  first nice fall-weather weekend. 

As part of the re-organization we took down a freebie cabinet
we had picked up from Freecycle a few years ago and didn't need anymore. 

My oldest daughter "E" suggested  that we turn the cabinet into a play-kitchen and we agreed!
We flipped the hinges on one door around to open like an oven door. 

Then, using only materials we had on hand we were able to transform our 
little cabinet into an outdoor play kitchen for their little play cottage on our deck. 

We had a set of oven knobs from a kitchen remodeling project.
I used 4 scratched CDs from my car as the burners (glued down),
and an old broken night light is the "clock"

The faucet was generously donated by our awesome neighbors across the street. 
The sink is just a glad-ware round container that I traced a hole for and cut out with a jig saw.

The feet of the cabinet were made by screwing
4 clean (empty) pineapple cans to the bottom of the cabinet through small blocks of wood. 
The counter top was made by spray painting some left-over rustoleum gray spray paint 

The backboard was a scrap of wood we attached with two small "L" brackets. 
A small shelf rack set inside the cabinet serves as the oven shelf.

The girls now call it the  "Step 2 Cafe".
They even made menus and fresh flower bouquets for the table!

Happy Cooking!

pink and green mama

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