Monday, September 6, 2010

* Jackson Pollock- Inspired Splatter Painting Outdoors

We tried our hand at Outdoor Expressionism during 
(link to ebook so you can have your own messy fun!)
in August with a  Jackson Pollock-inspired splatter painting project.

I rounded up a collection of water bottles and empty containers  from the recycling
and drilled a few holes in the lids to make (disposable and recyclable) homemade squirt bottles.

I filled the bottles with watery, tempera paint 
NOTE: (with a dash of liquid soap added to ease with kid clean-up)
I also brought out our  collection of old tooth brushes perfect for flicking and spraying paint!

It's all in the wrist!

Yes, that's an old hair-coloring bottle... I have no idea where that came from! ; ) 

Happy Splatter Making!

pink and green mama

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